Mission Territory of Florida
The churches, communities and missions located in Florida are presently under the Episcopal Protection of the Most Reverend Robert T. Fuentes, who is the Bishop of the Old Catholic Diocese of Napa in California.

Church families located in Florida are not in a diocese, hence our identification as a Territory. The principal locations are Clearwater and Spring Hill, two very popular tourist destination and relocation points in Florida. Others are planned in nearby cities and counties. We are part of the greater Tampa Bay metropolitan area, which is one of the most dynamic and growing regions in Florida.

We are a Catholic Church apart from the jurisdiction of the Vatican. His Holiness, the Pope is always in our prayers, as are all patriarchs of all churches. God blesses all churches of the world.

This website joins us together in ecumenism and the Holy Spirit, to communicate our plans and progress.

Welcome to Florida, welcome to the Old Catholic Church in the United States.
The Old Catholic Church - Province of the United States (TOCCUSA)

Moving toward the establishment of the Diocese of Florida